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Do you know the Irish Water Dog Invitational? Or have you heard of Irish water dogs?

The tallest of the AKC’s spaniels, the Irish Water Spaniel is instantly recognizable by its crisply curled coat and tapering “rat tail.” Among the champion swimmers of dogdom, the alert and inquisitive IWS is hardworking and brave in the field, and playfully affectionate at home.

Here are some things you didn’t know about the Irish Water Spaniel:

1. It’s One of the Oldest Spaniel Breeds

2. They Were Bred to Be Hunting Dogs

3. No One Knows Which Breeds Were Used to Develop Them

4. One Male Served as the Father of the Modern Breed

5. They’re the Clowns of the Spaniel Family

6. They Have a Lot of Nicknames

7. They Have Been Gifted to Royalty

8. Geena Davis Got Married Because of Her Irish Water Spaniel

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