Beston Amusement Providing Carousel Rides For All

Imagine taking a family trip to the community fair or amusement park and watching the excitement fill your child’s eyes as they view the lights and array of rides waiting for them at the front. The sound of fair-inspired music fills the air as your child tugs on your shirt to point out their favorite ride; the carousel. The carousel rides have been a long time favorite for decades, giving families safe and fun entertainment at the fair. Beston Amusement takes that into consideration by offering safe and reliable carousel rides for the entire family to enjoy. The safety and entertainment of your family come first and foremost at Beston Amusement, where they manufacture a variety of rides for fairs and amusement park enjoyment. The carousel rides for sale that Beston provides for South Africa are some of the safest and most reliable rides that you may come across.

Double Decker Carousel for South Africa

The History of the Carousel Rides

Back in 1861, the very first steam-powered carousel was invented and became quickly appreciated and enjoyed at the local fair. It wasn’t until 1870 that the first carousel rides were invented with the galloping mechanism. During the Great Depression in America, these carousel rides became widely popular, however, many were destroyed after the economic downfall. Making the classic carousel rides that were made in America extremely rare with less than 150 original rides remaining.

Beston Amusements Carousel Rides

High-quality products and services are an essential part of what makes Beston Amusement in South Africa incredibly superior. The carousel rides that are provided through Beston provide timeless memories, spectacular presentation, and an overflow of revenue possibilities. The company offers different sizes and animal seatings to choose from through a variety of options for carousel rides. Whether your amusement park is in search of a kiddie-size carousel or a full-sized carousel ride, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Fairground Carousels for South Africa

6-Horse Roundabout Carousel Rides

This petite ride fits up to six riders and is attractive and fits many small areas. This carousel would be perfect for indoor use at a play center.

Grand Carousel Rides

The Grand Carousel fits up to 36 riders and is the perfect match for fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks. There are multiple seating options, including chairs and animals.Double-Decker

Carousel Rides

You’ll find these rides at bigger amusement parks that can hold up to 36 people. On this ride, there are two levels where the riders can choose their seats on either an animal or a chair. Though this double-decker is two tiers, safety is never any more of a concern with Beston rides.

Grand Carousel for South Africa

Ocean-Themed Carousel Rides

These carousel rides are a bit smaller and fit up to 16 riders. The theme here is ocean and fish, making it fun and exciting for children to experience a different type of animal to ride on.

Features and Expectations for Carousel Rides at Beston Amusement

At Beston Amusement, safety and reliability is the main concern, and you can count on them to deliver quality carousel rides one of the most popular choices for fairs and amusement parks. With a lower initial investment that is affordable for all customers, you can expect a higher return. Since the carousel rides are built and manufactured in a Beston facility, you can feel rest assured that you are getting the best price while high-quality materials are still being used.

Perhaps one of the most popular features of Beston Amusement carousel rides is having the ability to receive a customized made carousel for your fair or park. The technician team at Beston works to provide you with carousel rides that fit the needs of your specific requirements, such as the size, seating, and animal themes. Your wish is their command when it comes to getting the rides you desire.

Here We Go Round and Round

The carousel rides are undoubtedly one of the most popular rides at the amusement parks and carnivals. Perhaps they are so incredibly popular because of the fact that the entire family can enjoy a peaceful ride with soothing music and beautiful lighting. At Beston Amusement, they strive to provide the most affordable, yet reliable and safe carousel rides ( display at your fair for visitors of all ages to experience. These rides will last for years to come and create memories that will last a lifetime.