Tips For Guaranteeing The Safety Of Thrill Rides

Are you wondering how to guarantee the safety of thrill rides at your amusement park or fair? If so, then do what the big parks do, but do bear in mind that there are a lot of things you can do. What we’re going to discuss are only a few of the many ways to guarantee the safety of thrill rides.


Thrill rides are extremely popular. Many people go to amusement parks because they want to go on thrill rides. This means thrill rides are constantly being used, which is why you should perform daily and nightly inspections.

Take down notes during the inspection or hire a professional to carry out the inspections. They’ll take down any notes that is deemed necessary. Afterwards, they may recommend repairs be made or they will schedule maintenance or they’ll let you know that the rides are completely safe.

Employee Training

Train your employees, just like the big name amusement parks do. They ensure their employees are qualified and skilled enough to operate the rides. This means they will have little chance of causing the ride to operate in an unsafe manner.

Make sure you have rules set in place for employees to follow. Eventually your employees will notice right away when something goes wrong. This means the sooner they catch onto problems, the sooner you can have it fixed.


Restrictions are a must if you’re serious about keeping your thrill rides safe. What you want to do is tell riders to not hang their arms out of the rides. Also, you might want to have restrictions on riders in regards to their age, height and possibly weight. There are restrictions in place because it ensure that thrill rides won’t become unsafe during operation.

An example of how restrictions can help is if a child wanted to ride a roller coaster that goes very high and fast. They would likely not be allowed due to the height and speed of the roller coaster. If they were to go on it, then their safety would be at a huge risk.

Test Runs And Scheduled Maintenance

Test runs refer to rides being tested out by themselves and not without anyone on it. Test runs can give amusement park operators an idea of how well their thrill rides are operating and whether or not there are serious problems. If there are, then the amusement park operator can schedule an appoint to have them taken care of.

Don’t forget about scheduled maintenance. Always have thrill rides maintained, and have a look at the manufacturer’s guide. This is where you’ll find out how often maintenance should be conducted and what type if maintenance is necessary. If you cannot find the owner’s manuals to the thrill rides, then go online to see if you can find them.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of inspections and employee training. Implementing restrictions and performing scheduled maintenance and test runs are important too. If you do all of those things, then you can rest assure your thrill rides will remain operating in a safe manner.